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Hooky Steel
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Hooky Steel


Shisha Hooky Steel entirely in stainless steel.

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The Hooky brand launches its first hookah on the market: the Hooky Steel.

This Hooky Steel shisha has the particularity to be entirely made of stainless steel V2A, including the vase.

The Hooky Steel is equipped with a plunger with integrated diffuser which ensures a fluidity in the draft.

The V2A stainless steel vessel of the Hooky Steel is marked with a line that marks the water level which is 1L.

The Hooky Steel is supplied with a silicone tube, a spring and the Hooky handle which takes the shape of the traditional electronic shisha Hooky Slim.

A molasses collector is integrated in the Hooky Steel to avoid cleaning it after each session.

A pipe support is provided in the package of the Hooky Steel and can be added to the column to be able to affix the Hooky handle during the session.

Data sheet

Height 52 cm
Diameter 12 cm
Weight 2.5 Kg
Composition Stainless steel
Category of Hookah Prestige

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Hooky Steel

Shisha Hooky Steel entirely in stainless steel.

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