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Quasar RAAS


Quasar Raas thermal hearth, glass hearth.

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Quasar is a French brand specializing in the manufacture of hookah accessories. The Quasar brand invented the very first all-in-one thermal fireplace. This product has an international patent.

The Quasar Raas is an all-in-one thermal fireplace, in fact, the Quasar Raas combines a very thick borosilicate glass fireplace and a heating system called an oven.

This is the ultimate version of the Quasar, offering exceptional flavor rendering as well as very long session duration and ease of use. Indeed the Quasar Raas has a patented air flow system with the particularity of regulating the heat without having to touch its coals or its heating system.

The Quasar Raas fireplace has a consumption of approximately 18 grams of tobacco. This borosilicate glass hearth is very thick, the advantage of glass is that it offers excellent flavor rendering. It will be necessary to avoid thermal shocks with this fireplace, so it is important to let it cool down after its session before cleaning it.

This heating system is used with only 2 coals of 26 mm.

The Quasar Raas is supplied in a box containing the Quasar Raas and a user manual.

Data sheet

Height 120 mm
Width 95 mm
Weight 320 g
Composition Aluminium et Silicone
Bowls Compatibility Quasar
Accessories Categories Heat Management Device

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Quasar RAAS

Quasar Raas thermal hearth, glass hearth.

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