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Cartel Fame

Cartel Fame


Cartel FAME is a prestigious stainless steel hookah made by Cartel.

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The revolution has a name: Cartel Fame.

The Cartel Fame is the third model of the French brand Cartel.

The Cartel Fame is a stainless steel shisha of 53 cm.

The stainless steel has a gold plating to affirm its prestigious side.

The innovation of the Cartel Fame is its adjustable diffuser. And this is done in the simplest of ways: from the column. Indeed, no need to unscrew its vase to make the Cartel Fame silent, a simple rotation of a part of the column allows to cover or uncover the holes of the diffuser to lighten or weigh down your draw during your session.

The purge system of the Cartel Fame is also innovative: the smoke disperses from the base to the vase of the shisha.

The Cartel Fame integrates a small molasses collector for the glycerine that would be brought to flow during your sessions.

The Cartel Fame weighs almost 6kg, which ensures a quality material and a longevity of life of the shisha .

The thick glass vase of the Cartel Fame has grooves that set it apart from its competitors.

Data sheet

Height 53 cm
Diameter 24 cm
Weight 5,7 kg
Composition Stainless steel, Glass
Category of Hookah Prestige



Super chicha ! La cartel Fame est une innovation dans le monde de la chicha. Une narguile très stable, de plus je peux modifier le tirage via la colonne. Très satisfait de ce produit. Merci Nargos, merci Cartel.

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Cartel Fame

Cartel FAME is a prestigious stainless steel hookah made by Cartel.

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