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AOT Provost II
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AOT Provost II


Provost Apple On Top heating system for natural coals.


AOT is an American brand manufacturing the Provost heating system. This very popular heating system in the United States has quickly become a must for shisha smokers looking for an excellent taste experience and a long session duration.

This very efficient heating system is used with the help of a hearth and aluminium. The Alpaca fireplaces coupled with the aluminum Predator is a combo very appreciated by the community.

The particularity of this heating system is that it offers a session length ranging from 1h15 to 2h depending on your molasses and your heating management. In addition, this system is one of the best in terms of flavor rendering.

The Provost II is one of the most versatile heating systems on the market, in fact, black tobacco smokers particularly like this system for its performance and ease of management, but it is also possible to consume all brands of tobacco. , even the most classic ones like Adalya, Al Fakher, Chaos…

All hearths are adaptable to the Provost II heating system, the most recommended being terracotta hearths.

This heating system has the particularity of being used with only 2 coals, thanks to this, your molasses will not be attacked by the heating emitted by your natural coals and you will be able to enjoy a longer and very tasty session.

As the Provost II system is made of very thin stainless steel, it will heat up very quickly, so there is no need to use more than 2 carbons.

Data sheet

Weight 144 g
Composition Aluminium
Bowls Compatibility Provost
Accessories Categories Heat Management Device



Ce système de chauffe est l’idéal pour moi. Je le trouve bien mieux qu’un brohood

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Système de chauffe

Un systeme de chauffe qui me permets de fumer avec des charbons naturels. Depuis cet achat, j'ai mis de côté le kaloud et le brohood ! ????

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AOT Provost II

Provost Apple On Top heating system for natural coals.

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