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Hookah Stenar a french brand


The Stenar Mini, measuring 36 cm, embodies elegance through its minimalist design and stands out for its compact beauty. It is the ideal choice for a relaxing moment in any space.

The Stenar Mini celebrates simplicity in a contemporary style. Its sleek design is a true example of sophisticated minimalism, exuding a charm without embellishments. The STENAR Mini distinguishes itself with refined simplicity.

Designed to cater to modern hookah preferences, the Stenar Mini's compact size makes it perfect for any space while delivering a flavorful hookah experience. Enjoy your moment of relaxation, wherever you are.

The Stenar Mini discreetly incorporates a clever molasses collector, capturing residues without disrupting your session. No more worries about compromising quality: the Stenar Mini takes care of your experience.

The meticulously crafted downstem of the Stenar Mini features an adjustable built-in diffuser for a personalized session catering to all preferences, whether you're a fan of light or heavy draws.

Included :

- Hookah

- Hose

- Mouthpiece

- Molasse catcher

Data sheet

Height 39 cm
Diameter 17 cm
Composition Stainless steel, Glass
Category of Hookah Classic

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Hookah Stenar a french brand

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