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NPS Miqro shisha, stainless steel, 38 cm high, 4 pipe outlets, cut 18/8

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The Nargilem brand, or NPS, is a German brand of chichas and accessories. This legendary brand is one of the best known in the world of shisha, some models and accessories are very popular with collectors and enthusiasts.

The NPS Miqro shisha is a small transportable shisha of only 38 cm high provided in a transport box. This chicha will be very convenient for transport due to its small size and packaging.

The NPS Miqro is made entirely from V2A stainless steel, a material known for its high quality and impact resistance. In addition, this material will allow your shisha to be preserved over time and to be easily maintained.

The base of the chicha NPS Miqro has 4 outlets pipes of 18/8 diameters, it will be possible to have from 1 to 4 pipes simultaneously by equipping you with connectors pipes 18/8. This base has no thread, but 2 entries to accommodate the two rivets present on the ring of the vase. This closing system is very much used by the Nargilem brand and it ensures an excellent hermeticity as well as a secure closing.

The NPS Miqro diver does not have a diffuser, offering a slightly noisy draft with some eddies while remaining fluid. It will be possible to add a universal diffuser to obtain a smoother and quieter draft.

Finally, at the top of the column of the NPS Miqro, an 18/8 cut is present and allows to adapt any 18/8 size customization piece like a molasses collector or a glass column.

The NPS Miqro shisha comes with a carrying case, an aluminum handle, a silicone pipe and a pipe connector size 18/8 for an ultra complete package!

Data sheet

Height 37 cm
Diameter 22 cm
Weight 2,900 kg
Composition Stainless steel, Glass
Category of Hookah Classic

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NPS miQro

NPS Miqro shisha, stainless steel, 38 cm high, 4 pipe outlets, cut 18/8

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