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Na Grani

Na Grani


Na Grani is a heating system.


The Na Grani heating system is a product made in Russia. Compatible with all Kaloud, Razor, Khmara, etc. fireplaces.

It will be perfect for your "Russian preparation" sessions. You can include 3 lit coals such as Tom Cococha Gold and circular coals such as 320° and Fresh Coco.

The finishes of the Na Grani heating system are perfect.

The Na Grani has the particularity of not having a hood, the heating management is done with the addition or removal of coals to increase or decrease the heating.

Like all heating systems, it is advisable to first heat it blank, that is to say that it is necessary to place lit coals and let the Na Grani rise in temperature to evacuate any traces of industrial residues.

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Composition Aluminium
Accessories Categories Heat Management Device

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Na Grani

Na Grani is a heating system.

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